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Plans are in the works for a possible one-time return of the 60s70s Show in the near future.

The plan is to have a live broadcast from here in the 60s70s Show studio, featuring an in-studio guest.

This will likely NOT be on a Friday night, though. Exact time and date to be determined.

Technical arrangements are now being done.

Server repairs and upgrades have happened.

If it all works out, maybe we can get the show back on, and on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for more details as they, and if they, happen.

Yes... it's been WAY too long.


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The 60s70s Show features any of the music from 1960 to 1979 with informal, yet informative, commentary. The central focus is on the music listeners remember but the other stations forgot. The music selection spans from chart toppers, mid-chart records, low charters, to some rarities that never charted or were never even released. Special promo 45 edits are common along with custom versions heard only on The 60s70s Show. Some of the recordings are so rare that they simply just don't exist! Many LP cuts are also available to be played. Add to that, songs that were listed on the British charts, the USA R&B and country charts, and the Australian charts. The show relies heavily on listener interaction and requests via telephone, Facebook or The Oldies Message Board.


Special shows have included:


· The Summer Specials, aired on Fridays during June, going back 40 and 50 years and playing all the music of those Summers.

· ''The Top 77 of All Time'', with featured studio guests, Mike Riccio Tom Natoli, a countdown of the 77 all time favorite hits, based on listener votes, plus informative commentary.  The number 77 is a tribute to WABC.

 Regular features include:


·  ''The #89s On This Date'' - Mike Riccio, moderator of The Oldies Message Board researches and posts what was #89 on the national charts on this date in the years from 1960 to 1979. Bob reads Mike's list on the air, then listeners pick what they want to hear from that list. The result is an interesting alternative to what is heard on other stations. This started out on a whim a few years ago when Mike posted a list of songs on The Oldies Message Board that were on the bottom of the national chart, #100, on that date in history. The idea caught on and became a regular feature. After a year’s worth it was moved up to #99. Every year it’s moved up a number to avoid repetition.

· ''The Instant Request'' - Listeners are asked to make a request live on the air via phone or Facebook. It is then located out of a selection of over 100,000 cuts and played right then and there on the spot, hopefully!

· ''The Mystery Artist'' - Listeners are asked to identify the performer of an obscure recording.

· ''The Mystery 'B' Side'' - Listeners are asked to identify what was on the hit side of an obscure "B" side.

· ''The Hour 4 Theme'' - The last hour is devoted to a listener chosen theme. It can be ANYTHING!

· ''The Beatles Rarity Of The Week'' – An unreleased rehearsal, alternate take, or mix of a well-known Beatles recording is featured.



The 60s70s Show, on the air for over 30 years, had been hosted by Bob Radil from January 2007 until September 2010 when the show was cancelled by WNHU, University of New Haven. On October 8, 2010 The 60s70s Show returned to the same time slot, Fridays 6PM to 10PM Eastern,  as a feature of Rewound Radio, originating live from the 60s70s Show studio facilities in the ''Beautiful, Rural, Connecticut Countryside''. From these facilities the show had advanced far beyond what was possible at WNHU. Then came the big move in May, 2017. It was then on to the new studios in the ''Beautiful, Suburban, Central Connecticut''! The best is yet to come! Stay tuned!